Investor Relations

Our Mission

EX3 Energy’s mission is to be the global leader and supplier of safe, convenient and great tasting energy products that enhance mental and physical performance and enable and inspire our customers to get out and achieve greatness.

Company Vision

EX3 Energy stands poised to exploit an untapped segment of the global energy consumption market, which is anticipated to be valued at an astounding $19.7 billion by 2013 just for energy beverages. EX3 Energy aims to differentiate itself as a convenient alternative to the bulky form factor of canned liquid canned energy beverages. At the same time EX3 Energy aims to align itself with the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s busy professionals, students and socially outgoing youth that crave a convenient energy boost – ANY TIME! ANY PLACE!

Company History

Development of EX3 Energy began in March of 2006. The product was distributed through Costco USA as well as 7-Eleven stores. Costco Mexico were also the exclusive importers of EX3 Energy into Mexico. EX3 Energy was also sold in Canada through Upper 49th Imports Inc. Historical sales, generated by the former owner, were approximately $1million.

Investment / Distributorship Opportunities

The company is seeking synergistic relationships with equity partners and is especially interested in Hispanic/Latino partners to focus on this US Trillion market.

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